Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Building Blocks of Life 建築有情天 on TV2 at 6pm from 14 May 2012

Photo from: http://tvcity.tvb.com/drama/the_building_blocks_of_life/frontpage/index.html
Busy, I just noticed that TV2 is now showing TVB drama The Building Blocks Of Life 建築有情天 replacing Tale of Twin Cities. Remember that The Star program guide is confusing? It is still showing Tale of Twin Cities for 6pm as of 15 May 2012. The people doing the entertainment page probably didn't get an update from TV2. Thus TV2 online schedule is more updated than the Star (^_^)

The Building Blocks of Life is about architects, interior designers and the building industry. Someone might be inspired to take up architecture after seeing this 20 episode drama (^_^) This 2007 TVB drama stars Alex Fong 方中信, Tavia Yeung 楊怡, Christine Ng 伍詠薇 and Power Chan 陳國邦 and others.


  1. I am non chinese speaking but i love the show tale of twin cities. not rtm 2 has taken off from the 11am slot today after changing the 6pm slot.sigh. How can i watch the rest of the show, do you have a link? its annoying

  2. You can watch online at this site: http://v.sogou.com/play?w=06060500&query=%CB%AB%B3%C7%B1%E4%D7%E0+20 site:youku.com&tq=%CB%AB%B3%C7%B1%E4%D7%E0%B5%E7%CA%D3%BE%E7&&i=-1&j=20&st=6&tvsite=youku.com

    However it's in Mandarin and the subtitle is in Mandarin too.


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