Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can't Buy Me Love 公主嫁到 TVB drama coming to 8TV 17 August 2012 7pm

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A 2010 TVB drama with 31 episodes. Can't Buy Me Love 公主嫁到 TVB drama will be shown on 8TV after The Beauty Of The Game. It stars Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼, Moses Chan 陳豪, Raymond Wong 黃浩然, Susanna Kwan 關菊英, Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣, Sharon Chan  陳敏之, Selena Li 李詩韻 , Fala Chan 陳法拉, Kenneth Ma 馬國明. Big cast in a funny comedy. The only part which is annoying is when they break into the rhyme and hand-clapping part.

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