Sunday, July 15, 2012

亦舒 novels - 我心 and 孪生

Various short stories, mystery, thriller, sci-fi. Some are outright scary.

About twin brothers who were brought up as cousins. 纪和 (Ji He) is gentle, kind, studious. 纪泰 (Ji Tai) is sporty, care-free, popular with girls. 纪和 grows up in a middle class family, having some financial difficulties when his father passed away and brought up by his widow mother. 纪泰 comes from a rich family, father is a businessman. 纪和 is requested to go to US to study in a prestigious college with 纪泰. He had to leave his longtime girlfriend 艺雯.

纪和纪泰 look very much alike but their characters are so different. They found out they are actually adopted children of the family and their blood ties are each other. Their connection to 纪泰's wealthy father 伯欣 is through one of his lawyers, 卞琳 (Bian Lin). She handles all the affairs regarding 纪泰 and 纪和.

纪泰 does not like studying and employs top girl in school 今敏 (Jin Ming) to do his homework for him. At the end of the semester he asked 纪和 to take his exam in his place. 纪和 struggled to overcome his disdain with this idea but relented as he is living with 纪泰's family money in US.

At this time, 纪泰's girlfriend and neighbour 桑子 (Sang Zi) found out she's pregnant. But 纪泰 does not want to become a father and left her. 纪和 sends her to the hospital when she was overdose on alcohol and in danger. The doctor in charge thought 纪和 is father of the child. It is at this time that 纪和 found out his relationship with 纪泰 is not as cousins but twin brothers. 桑子 left US, decided to keep her child. Later 纪和 found out she had twin boys.

At this juncture, 纪泰 is expelled from his college due to absenteeism. He is also saddled with gambling debts from illegal operators. His father is so disappointed and cut all financial resources to him. But he will still support 纪和 until he completes his course. 纪和 wants to stand by his twin brother and declined 先生 Mr Ji's help. Now the twin brothers have no place to stay and no money too! Their friend 今敏 rents part of her house to them.

纪泰 adapted very well, found bartending job with help from 今敏. 纪和 is not used to life without financial support. 今敏 helps them through this difficult period, 纪泰 works while 纪和 continue his studies.

纪和 went back to Hong Kong to see 先生 who is ill. He asked 桑子 to bring the twin boys to see Mr Ji. 卞琳 sends him to the airport and told him 先生 had transferred money to him which will see him through college. And he also requested someone to help 纪泰 open a pub. When he came back to US, he found 纪泰 and 今敏 had become a couple.

今敏 who saves and scrimps suddenly found herself expelled from college as she receive wages to write homework and papers for other students. 纪和 owns up to be the mastermind (when he wasn't) and both are spared the humiliation of being expelled but are asked to leave the college. In fact, it wasn't that the college professor was touched with his argument, but 先生's power that got him and 今敏 transferred instead of expelled.

At this time, they found out through 卞琳 that 艺雯 is in the US for 3 months. 纪泰 pretends to be 纪和 and meet up with her. However 艺雯 has changed her mind and no longer wants to be with 纪和.

今敏 had graduated and started working under 卞琳 guidance. She broke up peacefully with 纪泰. She met another guy in the course of her work and will be getting married. 桑子 is also going to be married and the twin boys will stay with her parents.

The story ended with 纪和 meeting another girl who mistook him for 纪泰 yet again, but this time he clarified he is himself.

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